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Buy Testosterone Cypionate Online in Canada

Testosterone Cypionate Use: 2 x week
Testosterone Cypionate Dose: 200mg – 600mg
Testosterone Cypionate Method: intramuscular injection

Testosterone Cypionate is best known for being the longest lasting of all testosterone compounds. Increasing testosterone in the body allows for more retention of nitrogen in the muscles, which increases the effect of protein synthesis, resulting in larger muscles. In fact, it can last up to 16 days in the body post-injection. Due to its long-lasting effects in the body, it works great as a mass building and bulking supplement. Unfortunately, with the long half-life of testosterone, there are some side effects such as water retention, which is a result of estrogen conversion. For this reason, it is suggested that individuals who choose to use this compound take an estrogen blocker as a means of decreases unwanted side effects. By taking an estrogen blocker, side effects such as fat gain, loss of sex drive, and testicular shrinkage will be minimized.

This compound is recommended as a bulking stack in a cycle, for those looking to increase mass.


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