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Buy Melanontan II Online

Melanotan II Use: frontload: .25mg daily day 1-3 – .5mg daily day 4-7 – 1mg weekly
Melanotan II Dose: .25mg, .5mg, 1mg (once your body has adjusted to the compound use once weekly)
Melanotan II Method: intramuscular injection

Melanotan II is a synthetic hormone that is injected to create a natural tan. The benefit of using this hormone is that you can still receive the benefits of a tan without the being exposed to the sun or UV radiation found in tanning beds. Interestingly, this hormone was originally created to treat erectile dysfunction in men. This is an added benefit for men, specifically if they are suffering from steroid induced erectile dysfunction. It also has been reported to increase libido in women. Another benefit is a decrease in appetite as it targets the brains appetite suppression receptor. Buy Melanontan II online from Pro Steroids.


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