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Buy HCG For Men Online

HCG Use: 2-3 days per week
HCG Method: intramuscular injection

HCG, or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, is a multi-faceted compound that has many uses. Due to its various uses, the dose and duration of treatment will depend on what your intention with the compound is. Since anabolic steroids deplete and hinder the body’s ability to produce testosterone, HCG is commonly used by bodybuilders during post-cycle-therapy to stimulate naturally occurring testosterone. If you are using this compound as post-cycle-therapy, it is important that users use the minimum suggested amount, as HCG poses the risk of negative feedback to the testes which results in them shutting down.

There are many medical uses for this compound, one being as a treatment for men suffering from fertility issues, as well as, hypogonadism, which is the diminished functioning of sex hormones in HCG for men.


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